Our Board

The Board of Directors for The Purrfect Catch volunteer their time and provide business acumen overseeing the budget and coordination of volunteer activities.
Trudi Geiszler, Founder

Trudi started rescuing homeless cats at an early age and has been providing TNR since 2000. In 2011, with economic challenges unabated in the SF Bay Area, the homeless cat population increased and became an even greater challenge to manage and support. Facing this added responsibility and needing to find a solution, Trudi founded a new nonprofit organization, The Purrfect Catch. 

Tracey Steele, Secretary

Tracey has admired the work of The Purrfect Catch since its inception and is excited to begin her two-year term as secretary. She owned cats for many years and currently has two dogs, both from rescue organizations.  She brings her experience planning and organizing activities for her elementary students to her role as secretary for The Purrfect Catch.

Tami Dewitt, Director

Tami has been an animal lover since she was a young girl.  She grew up in a family that always had dogs and cats, and would feed any cat that showed up on their doorstep.  She has always had a passion for the less fortunate animals, and felt that she needed to do something to help.  Tami believes strongly in TNR and that all animals have the right to live out their natural life in the best way possible.  Through working with feral cats and doing TNR she has seen that at the end of the day, a lot of animals can overcome their fear and feel love towards the person who cares for them.

Jennifer Gomez, Treasurer

Jennifer loves lizards and dogs as well as cats and birds. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School in Arizona and utilizes her multi-cultural experience in her Kidergarten classroom in Southern California. Jennifer lends her knowledge of nonprofits, web design and sound fiscal management to The Purrfect Catch. Jennifer joined the board in September 2011 and is serving a second two-year term as Treasurer.