New residence needed

We work with PetFinder and hold adoption fairs every Sunday from noon-3 p.m. at the San Mateo Pet Club (located at 1850 South Norfolk St., San Mateo, CA.) to find forever homes for the felines we foster. We provide foster services for both adult cats and kittens who show they are interested in living indoors with humans. 

We need your help adopting fur balls that would like to become indoor cats and need to get off the street. Please contact us at if you’re interested in making room in your home for a kitten or cat. They will play and love you unconditionally in return for food and lodging. 

Adorable Kittens looking for a forever home(s). 

There is an adoption fee to help The Purrfect Catch recover veterinary service expenses. If you are interested in adoption, please send us a direct message to and visit us on Sunday at the San Mateo Pet Club from noon-3 p.m.

Working cats

Periodically, we rescue felines who cannot be returned to where they were trapped. These felines can be shy and a bit spicy. They've made the decision to tolerate humans and don't like human physical contact. Often, they lack street smarts and wouldn't be safe as barn cats. They are happy to work for food as ratters and mousers.

If you own a business that can use some help managing rodents, please contact The Purrfect Catch. We can set you up with 2-3 feline workers. They still need to be fed daily, provided fresh water, and a place to sleep.